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Just So You Know

Time is such a precious thing. As a single mom in my late 20s, I’m very selective in how I choose to spend my time. When it comes to dating, there’s a few things I’d like men to understand. Dating a single mom isn’t a science. It’s actually common sense. Below are some of the most important things I need my future prospect to grasp before asking me out… We’re A Package Deal-   My son is my world. You can’t have me without having him. It’s been the two of us for the last seven years. He’s extremely bright and picks up on bull fairly quickly   so I feed off of him as well. Not only are you dating me, but you’re dating us.   If you can’t see yourself taking family trips, having family game night, or watching cartoons then we’re not for you honey. Your Intentions Must Be Clear –   As we’re getting to know each other understand that your actions must match your words. To be honest I am not interested in friendships being this close to 30. I have work friends, family friends and pa

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I hope you haven't died already! Wherever you are, please know that I’m praying for you and your strength. Continue to seek God so in due time he’ll reveal me to you. When that day comes, please understand that I’ll more than likely be the biggest challenge in your life. Understand that I have a past and there will be walls to break through. Walls that've  taken me years to build so they’re very sturdy. Accept that I’ll never call you my better half because I’ll be whole and confident in who I am when our paths cross. I’ll be grateful for every failed relationship that lead me to you. I promise to love on you, support you, get on your nerves and be your biggest cheerleader in life. My expectations are high for you because I know your value. You come from a bloodline of champions. You’re a king in every sense of the word. We’ll compliment each other in a way   that people only dream about. We’ll forever be a team. You can only lead me if you’re followi

Unexpected Blessings

Man, it seems like I haven’t had a cycle in forever. I’m not stressing it though because I hardly ever get them and I consider myself lucky. It’s 2010 and I’m starting my day like I always do. Up by 5:15AM getting ready for work. I work in a coffee shop so I’m no stranger to rising early. My oldest sister is in her room getting ready as well. We’ve been roommates for a few years. After high school graduation I pretty much packed a bag, went to her apartment and never left. I’m the youngest for now(we’ll talk about that later) so all my life I’ve had everyone around me making sure I had what I needed and she was no different. We jumped in her drop top mustang and headed down Academy Blvd,making our way to the Air Force Academy. My father retired here and I graduated from the high school here as well; so we knew this base like the back of our hand. Sis worked in a cozy coffee shop on the third floor and I worked on the south end of town for the same company on two other bases. It was

My Sonshine

Son, you are the most precious thing to me in this world. From the day I first laid my eyes on you, I knew from that moment on what it truly meant to be loved. I’m so grateful God chose me to become your mother. We’re growing and doing life together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Understand that although sometimes things get a little rough for me, you’re the rainbow in my black and white world. From your first steps, to scoring your first goal I’ve always been and will continue to be your biggest cheerleader. When you look at me with those big brown eyes I know everything will be ok. Our hearts beat to the same rhythm because you’re the other half that completes me. As your mother I promise to do right by you, keep you safe from any hurt, harm or danger, and to always love you unconditionally. I pray that you always keep God first and comprehend that you’re nothing without him. Son, you’re incredibly bright, witty, loving and caring. Never feel the need to be anythi

Trust The Process

                                  Maleek Berry is playing in the background and I realize it’s 7:10AM. “Sh**, Sh*, Sh**!” I scream as I jump out from under my pink bed sheets. I have to get my son off to school and I’m working at the office that’s thirty minutes away today. My shift starts at 8AM I make it to the bathroom and jump in the shower, cold water and all. I could care less at this point. I’ve got to go. It’s Monday so  traffic  should be decent on I-26. I’ve just got to hustle to the interstate.                 I feel horrible because I’m having to rush my son to eat his breakfast in the car and I can tell he’s frustrated. We didn’t even say our morning prayer before he got out of the car. Crap Breezy, how did you over sleep? Having the last few days off really spoiled me I guess. Maybe it was those three glasses of wine I had last while having dinner with Lisa. It was great getting some adult girl time in with a new friend. I made dinner for her and her d

Tap Into Your Superpower

          You know, before starting a new job, meeting someone new, or when you have a big decision to make in general; we often ask people for advice. We ask the questions that deep down we already know the answer to before finally making the decision. Women in general have what I like to call the superpower of intuition.   It’s a gift given to us by none other than our creator himself. I’ve always felt like God favored women so much, it was his special gift.            The dictionary defines intuition as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need of conscious reasoning. Many times when you’re faced with situations where you’re not sure where to turn or what to do; the reality is you have all the equipment needed to figure things out, you just have to tap into them. After reflecting on my last post, I decided to tap into my intuition superpower again when it came to a certain someone. I recently met a pretty decent guy. Very intellectual, great career, n

Stranger Danger

Swipe no, swipe no, oh crap no…SWIPE NO HONEY! The house is finally quiet and I’m finally able to sit down after a long day of work, cooking dinner, and getting my little guy bathed and tucked in. My sandlewood wax melts are burning though the house causing me to feel even more at ease from its aroma. That warmer is probably the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent. It’s times like these that I wish I had someone to pillow fight with, or someone to get the knots from my back and shoulders after chasing down kids to brush their teeth in the office. I guess you could say that’s how I ended up in the world of online dating. A tight schedule married with single motherhood doesn’t leave much vacancy for going out to meet new people. I seem to always find myself at work or home. When friends from invite me somewhere my response is usually the same, “ It’s too late for me to find a sitter, you have to let me know in advance. Then, one day I decided to get into the virtual dating scene.  

Work It Mama

  “Wake up, wake up , you know I love to see your face with no make up.” The sound of Maleek Berry’s Let Me Know is ringing in my ear. Monday would be so ugly if it was a person.Time to start my work week. It’s 5:30AM and the first of my five alarms start to go off. It takes me a minute to wake up so I have a ton of snooze options. A girl needs her beauty rest man. I roll over and hit snooze immediately. Four alarms and 45 minutes later, I finally get my day started. While laying in bed, I begin thanking God for another day, and think of the people who made plans today but didn’t make it through the night. The gift of life is so precious. I climb out of bed and hop in the shower. I’m grateful my attire throughout the week are scrubs so it takes me no time to figure out what I’m going to wear. The hardest part is remembering which job I’m going to that day and being sure I put on the right uniform. Tragic lol. Once out the shower and dressed,I head to my sons room and smoother hi

Cloudy With A Chance of Broke

This glass of Walmart wine is giving me life right now. Bougie on a budget is my lifestyle. Since all the water shelves are cleared at Walmart, I settled on this sweet little Moscato. Funny how southerners go straight for bread and water when a storm is approaching. When my son and I lived in Colorado and was expected to get snowed in; sadly all I stocked up on were movies and food. It was nice to be snowed in spending time with the most important person in my life for a day or two. Good times. “Three pairs of underwear for myself…three pairs of underwear for Bentley” I mumbled as I folded our undergarments and placed them in our black rolling suitcase. “Mama, the water is too hot” Bentley yells from the shower across the hall. This is only his tenth time interrupting me within the last five minutes. Why do kids wait until you’re doing something important to need you? Like man, could you wait at least 2 minutes while I get my thoughts together and pack our entire life in a suitcase f

Party of 2

Wow, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Each strand of her naturally curly hair sits perfectly on her head. Her eyes are as dark as a summer night, and her skin smooth as butter. I can’t help but notice the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever laid eyes on; as I’m sitting on the sidelines at my sons football practice. This baby girl was a mini queen in every sense of the word. I noticed how well dressed she was as her mother pushed her gracefully in her turquoise Graco stroller. Following behind the two were big bother and dad I assumed. The perfect little family.                 As they all walked by, my heart began to flutter and my eyes became dewy. I begin to think of the future and If I’ll get the chance to become a mother again. My son constantly ask for a bother or sister as if babies are something we can go shopping for at our local neighborhood market. His innocence is one of the things I enjoy most about him though. Let’s break this down a little. I’m in my late twenties with

Why Are You Single?

As I'm sitting at work chatting with coworkers about life, I get asked the dreadful question. Breezy, why are you single? I wish I had some profound text book answer for them or hell, five dollars for every time I was asked by people in general. The answer is simple. I just wont settle! Being a single mother dating in 2018 is as complicated as trying to read Mike Tysons lips with your tv muted.   Although I’ve struggled with self-image in the past, I’m in a much better place mentally and physically and know my worth. That alone is a powerful weapon. I often look at my friends and family members and think to myself….am I really the only one who doesn’t have a significant other? When will it be my season? As quickly as those thoughts creep into my head I try to shake them away with positive affirmations. See, I grew up in the church and understand that there’s power of life and death in the tongue. My prayers for my future husband are very detailed and I know deep down, the ma