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Tap Into Your Superpower

          You know, before starting a new job, meeting someone new, or when you have a big decision to make in general; we often ask people for advice. We ask the questions that deep down we already know the answer to before finally making the decision. Women in general have what I like to call the superpower of intuition.  It’s a gift given to us by none other than our creator himself. I’ve always felt
like God favored women so much, it was his special gift. 
          The dictionary defines intuition as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need of conscious reasoning. Many times when you’re faced with situations where you’re not sure where to turn or what to do; the reality is you have all the equipment needed to figure things out, you just have to tap into them. After reflecting on my last post, I decided to tap into my intuition superpower again when it came to a certain someone. I recently met a pretty decent guy. Very intellectual, great career, no children, and just an all around good man. We spoke frequently for the last month or so and I started to think that maybe eventually it would lead somewhere.
          However, my initial reaction to having met someone so perfect, was that it was all too good to be true. My intuition was practically screaming at me but I chose to ignore it. I ignored it because even though I’ve been through so much hurt and pain in relationships, I began to think that I’ve got to start somewhere with someone if I wanted to find my happiness. I ignored it because he was charming, I ignored it because he said all the right things, I ignored it because I wasn’t going to be that girl anymore, who thought everyone was out to hurt her. No sis, I’m here to tell you, NEVER IGNORE it. At night, my mind wanders. It’s very common for me to sit up until 2 or 3’oclock just thinking. Well, last night was one of those nights. I sat down and there that intuition was screaming at me again. I decided to take my PI skills to the next level, and there it was. Everything that I could ever want to know about this person was sitting on the screen in front of me and I couldn’t believe it. There’s always something about confirmation that gets to you.
          Anger, rage and disappointment covered me all at once. I wanted to scream. I felt my body temperature rising and needed to get myself together. I remember a few weeks ago I came across a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes about “guarding your heart.” Last Sunday in church, the pastor spoke about the same thing. I knew at that point that, that was the message God was trying to speak into my life. Who cares that he was just a friend. I was entertaining someone and something I felt could lead to more. I wanted to know why, I wanted an apology and I wanted to frankly fight this man yall, but for what? If I allowed him to get me that upset then that meant he had control over me and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I’m a very emotional person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. What you see is what you get. I said a little prayer and left it at that. Sis, your intuition is a powerful thing. Listen to it. Don’t become so consumed with trying to prove something or someone wrong that you ignore it. It’s there for a reason.


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