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Unexpected Blessings

Man, it seems like I haven’t had a cycle in forever. I’m not stressing it though because I hardly ever get them and I consider myself lucky. It’s 2010 and I’m starting my day like I always do. Up by 5:15AM getting ready for work. I work in a coffee shop so I’m no stranger to rising early. My oldest sister is in her room getting ready as well. We’ve been roommates for a few years. After high school graduation I pretty much packed a bag, went to her apartment and never left. I’m the youngest for now(we’ll talk about that later) so all my life I’ve had everyone around me making sure I had what I needed and she was no different. We jumped in her drop top mustang and headed down Academy Blvd,making our way to the Air Force Academy. My father retired here and I graduated from the high school here as well; so we knew this base like the back of our hand.

Sis worked in a cozy coffee shop on the third floor and I worked on the south end of town for the same company on two other bases. It was a great gig. Our day started super early, but ended early as well so it was great for us. We had our afternoons to ourselves which we usually spent shopping, trying new restaurants, or being lazy back at the apartment. This particular afternoon was a drag for me. As I’m heading down I-25 making my way back to the Academy after a regular day of work, I find myself nodding off ever so gently and hitting the rumble strip which caught my attention. “Come on Breezy, wake up girl.” I remember saying to myself. It was barely 3 o’clock and all I could think about was my bed. As my sister and I got home she looks at me and tells me how much I look like death. I brush it off and head to my room to collapse on my bed. The next morning she and I discuss what sexy Halloween outfits we plan to get for the club’s Halloween Bash. We’re ready to start shopping already. The weekend comes and we do just that. As we’re headed out the door she mentions to me that she didn’t realize how wide my nose was all these years. Alright, that was it. I knew it was time for me to pee on a stick lol.

See, although I was seeing someone for quite some time, we had our ups and downs like everyone else but lets just say it wasn’t our goal to build a family. However we weren’t taking the necessary precautions to prevent creating a one either. I secretly go to the corner CVS and grab a pregnancy test. Man, this is expensive and it better be negative I recall thinking to myself. I get back to the apartment and head for the bathroom. I slipped passed my sister making dinner in kitchen in her own little world. It didn’t take long at all. Soon as I peed on that stick I saw those two lines. "Oh hell no," I actually said out loud. This can’t be my life right now. What am I gonna do? Sis is in the kitchen cooking dinner and I’m a nervous wreck when I’m done. I walk outside and make the phone call I never thought I’d be making. “Mama, I’m pregnant” I barely got out through tears. Her voice was calm yet stern which caught my attention. Breezy, stop crying. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last so you dry those tears right now.

 As I got myself together I listened to her speech on motherhood and responsibility for like the 300th time. I saw my mother struggle the majority of her life to take care of my sister and I, especially after she divorced my biological father. I hated to admit it but I didn’t want the life she had. She was strong and she was a great mother despite her circumstances and I just didn’t think I could ever be half the mother she was. Afterwards, I walked back in the house and gave my sister the news. Her initial reaction was shocking….She burned the cabbage yall lol. 7 years later I’m grateful to have my son. From that day on i made a promise to myself and him that I would go through hell and high waters if I had to in order to provide for him. He’s the best thing that's ever happened to me. He saved me. God thought enough of me to make me his mother and I couldn’t be happier. I named him Bentley and he’s just as awesome as his mother 😊


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