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How I Began Blogging

They say the hardest part about doing anything is getting started. Imagine where you’d be if you just got started on that project you’ve been wanting to do around the house. If you started that diet you were supposed to start at the beginning of the year or enrolled in that class you’ve been wanting to take. Most times the only thing stopping you is you yourself. Get out of your own way and make room for your blessings. I had to give myself this same pep talk when I decided I wanted to begin blogging.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved to write. I was the kid in high school who got excited about research papers and faked sick when it was time for a math test 😊 I’ve always known I was someone who had a lot to say and whenever I opened my mouth, I had peoples undivided attention. The same went for my writing. People have always told me “you’re really good with words.” One day it just hit me. As I was leaving work, my eyes caught the names on the front door of the dental office where I work. I found myself staring at the names as if I’d never seen them before. There I was in disarray because day in and day out, I was helping someone else’s dream come true while I was too afraid to even dream big enough towards my own. They believed they could, and they did which is why their names were starting back at me. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

From there I thought to myself; Breezy, what is it that you have to say? What are you going to write about it? Stick to what you know and be real is the advice I gave myself. The one thing I know and I’m passionate about is single motherhood. I take pride in being able to provide for my son even though it’s a struggle at times. I manage to hold down two jobs and get him back and forth to extracurricular activities and he’s an extremely happy child. I could write a book about dating alone, so I felt it would be fitting to combine these three things and run with it. Even though I had this idea in the back of my head I was still very afraid to get started. I remember watching an IG live video from “Singleblackmotherhood” and those ladies gave me life! They pushed me to start turning my passion into a stream of passive income. From there things just took off. I drove to Columbia to meet with Terry (owner of Single Mom Universitee) who I met in the IG group and she gave me the best advice ever…JUST GET STARTED! These ladies will never know just how much I appreciate them. I’ve met some other great moms through them as well and we’re a community of single mothers who color outside the lines. We don’t fit the description of what most people think single mothers are. We’re building brands while building each other up.
From there I began getting into some freelance writing. I’ve gotten the chance to work with some awesome clients and I look forward to growing as a writer in the process. There’s plenty more to come as well. Who would’ve thought, a girl who grew up on a dirt road, became a single mother early on in life, too afraid to believe in her own dreams would be building a brand? Breezy Monreaux is more than just a name. To me it represents everything people said I couldn’t do. When you keep God first and believe in yourself the sky is the limit. This is just the beginning for me and I know 2019 has a lot more in store. Are you coming on this journey with me? Let’s make our dreams a reality together.


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