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Decoding His Profile

I have to say, I’ve had my fair share of online dating. Honestly, it never ends up being anything serious. It’s all very systematic when I think about it. A date here or there, some good morning text, and then it goes silent or I cut them off because they’re crazy or I catch them in a lie. Like it never fails. It’s always the same ol’ cycle. I don’t club, I work and I’m a mother so dating apps give me the feeling of going out to meet new people without actually having to do it right away. It’s all very similar to biting into a juicy peach in the middle of Walmart’s produce section to see if it’s any good before you actually buy it.  The thought behind online dating it is all great. The people behind it is all wrong. I’ve met some interesting people in my online search and learned to decode profiles. Take a look: Height: Ladies this is not a trick question, but you’d think it was because the majority of men lie in this section. If his profile says he’s 5’11 he’s more than likely ar


By no means am I perfect. My soul is far older than my years and I’m just me. I curse a lot and my temper is very short at times. I’m emotional and care too deeply for others than I should. I’ve always been one of those people that need closure and answers for everything in life. Well, today it hit me. Breezy baby…not everything has to be explained. I’ve drove myself crazy at times trying to figure things out. I’ve replayed situations in my head over and over like an old Lenny Williams record. Trying to make sense of things that weren’t meant for me to figure out. The one thing I’m learning is that not everyone is for you. Everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Some people are leaches and they will suck you dry until nothing is left.                                    When someone decides to leave your life, don’t fight…let them walk. I’m not sure who needs this right now, but you can live through my mistak

Happy Valentine's Day

Excuse me ma’am…Oops my bad, I’m sorry…..I’m just gonna slide right past you. This is all I heard yesterday while in Walmart. It was like Cupid threw up hearts and they landed everywhere. All these love-struck people were putting me in somewhat of an irritable mood. Part of me was excited because I was actually buying a gifts for my Valentine but the other part of me was a little sad because my Valentine didn’t have the means to buy me an extravagant gift because…..My son is only 7. Today’s Valentine’s Day and I woke up thinking about the fact that I haven’t been in a relationship on this day since I was like 16. I head into my sons’ room to wake him for the day and I suddenly shake off all the negative energy and get excited about our dinner date tonight. As soon as he opens his eyes, he tells me Happy Valentines Day and I think he got just as excited as I was. I give him the biggest bear hug and shower him in kisses. I can’t deny the fact that it would’ve been nice to

When The Mourning Comes

What is pain? The dictionary defines pain as “ physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.” I’m sure they’re right with that definition but I know first-hand what pain feels like. Have you ever mourned someone who was still alive? That is pain! It’s almost indescribable and it hurts far more than one could ever imagine. To say goodbye to a person or relationship you thought you’d have for the long haul brings a hurt like none other. Mourning someone who’s still alive and grieving over what use to be doesn’t go away overnight. It sticks with you. It rides your back day in and day out. It’s the song on the radio that reminds you of that person you use to share everything with. It’s staying awake at night while everyone else is asleep, trying to figure out when things started to fall apart. It’s a memory that hits you randomly and you just let the tears fall because none of it makes sense.   When the mourning comes, there’s nothing you can do but take things one min


I sat here thinking about what to blog about for quite some time. I went back and forth on how personal I was ready to get with yall. When my mind wonders, I’ve been told it’s never a good thing. I think long and hard sometimes and when I get to that point, it’s often hard to bring myself back to reality. So crap, what do I do? I decided to listen to my heart so here it goes… My memory is pretty sharp. I remember a lot of things from my childhood. Some I care not to remember and some memories I wish I could relive all over again. I believe that no one has to be a product of their environment. Situations in our past have some impact on the people we become. I have this one memory of falling asleep in the backseat after a family outing one day and being too lazy to walk in the house. I remember my dad picking me up and carrying me in the house. By this time, I had already woken up because of all the commotion but decided to keep my eyes close anyway. He carried me to my bedroom an