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 So much has changed for me since I first started this blog. As you can tell, time got away from me because I didn't realize how much time had gone by since I sat down for some writing therapy. Writing has always been near and dear to me so it holds a special place in my heart. It's also saved me in ways you never could've imagined. So on a day like today when I'm questioning so much in my life, the best thing for me to do is write. 

So far, 2020 has been full of surprises, blessings, and questions. The last 8 months have truly been a roller coaster and I'll be glad when things mellow out. I find myself questioning people, situations, feelings, and everything I once thought was concrete. It's almost like this pandemic has brought so much to surface for me about things in my life. Talk about a blessing in disguise. 

The biggest lesson I've learned is that people will never treat you the way you treat them. People are all about themselves and being kind-hearted results in your feelings being hurt every single time. One thing for sure, two things for certain- I'll give someone the shirt off my back. I'll gladly carry someone else's burden if I see them struggling mentally, emotionally, or physically. It's almost like my inner superhero comes out to save the day over and over however, if I ever need backup, I'm screwed. . I'm reminded in times like these why I never ask people for anything. Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to disappoint me. I'd rather be selfish and all about myself because that's much better than dealing with the hurt of people letting me down. 


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As I'm sitting at work chatting with coworkers about life, I get asked the dreadful question. Breezy, why are you single? I wish I had some profound text book answer for them or hell, five dollars for every time I was asked by people in general. The answer is simple. I just wont settle! Being a single mother dating in 2018 is as complicated as trying to read Mike Tysons lips with your tv muted.   Although I’ve struggled with self-image in the past, I’m in a much better place mentally and physically and know my worth. That alone is a powerful weapon. I often look at my friends and family members and think to myself….am I really the only one who doesn’t have a significant other? When will it be my season? As quickly as those thoughts creep into my head I try to shake them away with positive affirmations. See, I grew up in the church and understand that there’s power of life and death in the tongue. My prayers for my future husband are very detailed and I know deep down, the ma

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This glass of Walmart wine is giving me life right now. Bougie on a budget is my lifestyle. Since all the water shelves are cleared at Walmart, I settled on this sweet little Moscato. Funny how southerners go straight for bread and water when a storm is approaching. When my son and I lived in Colorado and was expected to get snowed in; sadly all I stocked up on were movies and food. It was nice to be snowed in spending time with the most important person in my life for a day or two. Good times. “Three pairs of underwear for myself…three pairs of underwear for Bentley” I mumbled as I folded our undergarments and placed them in our black rolling suitcase. “Mama, the water is too hot” Bentley yells from the shower across the hall. This is only his tenth time interrupting me within the last five minutes. Why do kids wait until you’re doing something important to need you? Like man, could you wait at least 2 minutes while I get my thoughts together and pack our entire life in a suitcase f

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     Physical touch is a powerful thing. It nurtures us when we need it the most, and makes us feel safe and secure. A simple touch fuels bonds that demonstrate love, care, and a sense of being wanted without the presence of words. From birth, it's a necessity we all yearn for and its power can move mountains and break barriers we never knew existed.  In relationships I always considered myself to be an affectionate person. Outside of my bat shit crazy moments, I made sure my significant other knew how much they were appreciated. Good morning text, mid-day phone calls, and I never had any issues with intimacy. Then one day I met a guy that made me second guess everything I thought I knew about showing affection. He wanted to hold my hand no matter where we were, cuddle in our sleep, grab my waist at the most unexpected times, give me forehead kisses and caress my shoulders in the middle of watching a movie, and he would even throw his legs across me in the bed as he fell asleep. To