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 What a year this has been. As I sit back and reflect over the last 12 months, I’m consumed with a great deal of gratitude. I’m so grateful and extremely blessed to have made it this far. So many people perished along the way, faced hardships they never saw coming and clung to the slightest glimmer of hope to get them from one day to the next. Phrases such as “unprecedented times, black lives matter, essential workers, virtual schooling, zoom meetings, social distancing, and contactless delivery became our new normal. We were forced to limit our social interactions with friends and loved ones to remain in good health, all while marriages and relationships were tarnished in the midst of it all. Love became a thing of the past and unfiltered emotions were the headliner of the show. Mental demons that were suppressed over the years reappeared with a breakout performance the minute the entire world went silent. I saw people I believed could handle anything burst at the seams and watched as